KidSense employs therapists educated and experienced with Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive function skills are the core set of cognitive skills required for planning, completing and evaluating the completion of tasks, as well as overseeing our communication exchanges. We gradually develop skills such as attention, motivation, emotional regulation, organizing, monitoring, reasoning, problem-solving, and flexibility in order to complete routine and novel tasks.

Children who have poor executive functioning might take an extraordinarily long time to get dressed or become overwhelmed with doing simple chores around the house. They can lose track of time during leisure and schoolwork activities. They may be disorganized and have difficulty recalling details and the location of assignments due to losing important papers.

We can help through executive function coaching, which would provide support to foster independent learning in children, teens, and college students who have trouble with maintaining focus for extended periods, initiating tasks, remembering oral directions, breaking down larger assignments, organizing materials, arranging ideas in writing, planning ahead, anticipating consequences, or completing/handing in assignments.

Our team of executive functioning coaches works individually or in small groups with students who exhibit a gap between knowing what they should do and following through with it.

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