My COVID 19 Rant: Everything I Needed to Get Through This I Learned at KidSense

Let me start by saying that I actually wrote this 2 weeks ago….only it was in my head…I hope that I can get it all down on paper (ok pixels or whatever) as good as it sounded 2 weeks ago in my head…..I know you feel my pain….the struggle IS real!

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10 Ordinary Household Items for Occupational Therapy Activities

So, your children are home from school and their distance-learning school day has come to an end. But as a parent, your day is hardly over…

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One of the Greatest Things We Can Do With Children Is to Build Imaginative Skills

One positive aspect of this pandemic is that it has given me extra quality time with my daughters, who are 1 and 3 years old. Back when things were “normal”, we were constantly…

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