SLP Podcast Recommendations for Parents on the Run

SLP Podcast Recommendations for Parents on the Run

Podcasts are an amazing form of education available on various topics for parents, caregivers and providers. Some of my favorites are listed below, I hope they bring new tips and tricks to your home or practice as they have for me!

The Untethered Podcast: by Hallie Bulkin @halliebulkin

Hosted by Hallie Bulkin, a Certified Orofacial Myologist, Feeding Specialist, and Speech-Language Pathologist, this podcast takes a deep dive into the world of feeding and airway complications regarding kids and adults. They have special guests featured weekly discussing the latest research and clinical-based evidence for treatment and assessment related to speech, occupational therapy, and airway complications. This podcast is a favorite of mine as an SLP interested in tongue ties and feeding, however, this podcast is also an informative resource for both parents and other providers to gain information across a variety of related fields. Listen Here

SLP Happy Hour: by Sarah and Sarie @slphappyhour

Hosted by Speech-Language Pathologists, Sarah and Sarie, this podcast is a great listen for field-related topics presented in a realistic and relatable manner. Episodes discuss a variety of topics such as goals, treatment approaches, types of clients, sensory play, and the realities of professionals in our field. For SLPs, this podcast is entertaining, and informative but most importantly easy to relate to! I love connecting with other speech therapists to discuss a wide range of topics. Listen Here

StutterTalk: by Peter Reitzes 

The podcast is hosted by Peter Reitzes, a person who stutters, and is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist who began the open conversation discussing stuttering in 2013. He brings a fresh and unique perspective to new ears and people of all walks of life to better understand stuttering and fluency. His podcast is amazing for people of all ages and brings to light many of the social and everyday experiences people in this community face, that we can all be more aware of! Listen Here

All Things Sensory: by Rachel Harrington and Jessica Hill @allthingssensorypodcast

This podcast features two hosts who are passionate Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants who discuss weekly topics related to “all things sensory”. This covers anything from strategies to use while parenting children with sensory needs, tips for self-care, nutrition, health, and many other areas. Their show is positive and helpful as it talks about their experience navigating working with clients of all different profiles and what they’ve found successful! This podcast is helpful for parents and providers, who work with clients with various needs and communication styles. Listen Here

Swallow Your Pride Podcast: Theresa Richard @theresarichardslp

Created and run by Theresa Richard, a Speech-Language Pathologist who focuses on informing a broad audience about swallowing disorders and new advances in the field. She brings on experts and researchers in the field who share their knowledge with patients, professionals, and families. Listen Here

Learn With Less: Ayelet Marinovich @learnwithless

This podcast is especially wonderful for parents and caregivers of early childhood. Ayelet Marinovich, is a Speech-Language Pathologist who provides education on infant and toddler development. She provides tools for parents to navigate early childhood years in all realms. This podcast is a great resource for parents searching for tips and tricks to implement now. Some of her latest episodes provide helpful tips to encourage communication, support bilingualism, benefits of music with early intervention, and much more! Listen Here


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