KidSense employs therapists educated and experienced with Social Cognitive Therapy

Many children with a variety of diagnoses exhibit difficulties with social cognition or social thinking. This is the ability to think about your own and others' thoughts, emotions, and intentions. It's the ability to predict, infer, conceptualize, get organized, listen actively and speak coherently. We offer social groups based on the philosophies of Michelle Garcia Winner. Additionally, the Zones of Regulation® is incorporated which is a program developed to help children gain insight and awareness into their own emotions and behavioral responses to develop self-awareness and regulation skills.

This curriculum is appropriate for those with solid language skills who may also be near normal to way above normal intelligence. The program consists of a series of lessons geared around our zones (blue, green, yellow, and red) while using games and activities to learn tools or strategies to support optimal interactions. If your child exhibits difficulties in any of these areas, they are a good candidate to participate in a social group.

Check out of FAQs regarding Social Cognitive Group Questions for more information.

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