Certification: Certified member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, Member of the Connecticut Speech & Hearing Association, Licensed Speech-language pathologist by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, Initial Educator Certificate from the State of Connecticut State Board of Education, and CPR certification

From: Palisades Park, New Jersey

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders with a Minor in Psychology from the University of Connecticut & Master of Arts in Communication Sciences from the University of Connecticut

Location: Milford and Danbury Offices

About Me: When I get asked why I am a speech therapist, the answer comes quickly. I value communication as one of the integral parts of interpersonal relations. It allows to us connect with others and the world around us in unique ways. In becoming a speech-language pathologist I took on a personal challenge to develop and restore communicative abilities in others. I have gained experience working with pediatrics, ranging from toddlers to teenagers in outpatient, educational, and in-home settings addressing cognitive, communication, and swallowing deficits related to a variety of congenital and acquired etiologies including Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, and Hearing Impairments. Working at KidSense allows me to use my skills to build a bridge in order to better navigate the educational and social demands encountered by the pediatric population. ​ These opportunities have fostered a strong interest in working with executive functioning and the use of various forms of assistive technology as well as the incorporation of web-based resources to meet the needs of children. In addition, my experiences have drawn me to develop clinical skills in evaluating, diagnosing, and creating interventions for bilingual (Spanish-English) children.

If you are a new or returning client interested in receiving therapy services at KidSense Therapy Group, please complete our online intake form and a KidSense representative will reach out to confirm (or schedule) your appointment following the form submission. Please note that clients 18 and older are required to sign off on all documentation unless an alternate responsible party has been authorized period.

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