teenage boy communicates with relatives via a web camera video conference

Teletherapy: A Thank You Note to Families & Caregivers from your SLP

teenage boy communicates with relatives via a web camera video conference

Dear Families/Caregivers,

THANK YOU!  This letter is for YOU.  These two words “thank you” might not always seem like they mean too much, but believe me they do, especially in the age of teletherapy. Teletherapy is different. Teletherapy isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and patience. Teletherapy may often be much more challenging than an in-person session.   It takes time, effort and patience, it has required you to familiarize yourself with new technology.  You have been brought in to our therapy sessions and often leading them with our facilitation and guidance.  You have made time for us when your schedules and lives have been turned upside down.  So, Thank you! 

Thank you for welcoming us and
allowing us into your home. 

Thank you for accepting this change so
quickly and totally rocking it for us.

Thank you for embracing and not doubting
this new way of service delivery.

Thank you for working through frustrating
moments and technical issues.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

Thank you for helping us help
your child make progress.

Thank you for helping your
child achieve their goals.

Thank you for always showing up!
On the good days and bad days.

Thank you for leading by example.

Thank you for allowing us to have fun and to laugh together.

Thank you for being their biggest cheerleader and encouraging them, motivating them and pushing them through those hard moments.

We know some days are easier than others, while some days are just so hard, but thank you for not throwing in the towel and continuing to show up. Your children, and your therapists are learning so much from you and together we are achieving some of our greatest goals.

We see you and they see you. 

We thank you and they thank you. 

We are so grateful.

 We love to see your smiling faces. 

 We are connected now even more than ever.

We are just a “click” away.

From the bottom of our hearts, a few more reasons why we say…







You Rock



 So much love and gratitude,

 Your Teletherapy loving SLP

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