Navigating Emotional Dysregulation

Navigating Emotional Dysregulation: A Guide for Parents

The Emotional Rollercoaster: Understanding Your Child’s Feelings Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by your child’s intense emotions? You’re not

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Rollercoaster of Emotions

The Rollercoaster of Emotions: Helping Your Child Navigate Emotional Ups and Down

Embarking on an Emotional Odyssey: Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Landscape As parents, we often embark on a complex odyssey, navigating

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family using modern technologies while sitting sofa

Part 1: Screen Time Q & A with an OT and SLP

What are the biggest impacts you have seen on children’s development? Below we break down some impacts across a few areas.

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Sisters eating delicious pasta in kitchen

Adapting and Shifting During a Pandemic

I am a speech language pathologist who specializes in social cognition and executive functioning. I have been to countless Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking conferences as well as Sarah Ward & Kristen Jacobsen’s 360 Thinking Executive Functioning seminars.
Let me say it again… I teach social cognition and executive functioning skills for a living… However, this pandemic has completely upheaved my executive functioning skills and rewired my brain. Anyone else struggling??? Please let me explain…

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Stepping beyond everything you learned in grad school

Establishing trust: stepping beyond everything you learned in grad school

When I was an indecisive, whimsical sophomore, circa 2007 at the University of Connecticut, one of the requirements in selecting a career path was that it embodied a counseling component. I didn’t quite aspire to be a mental health counselor, but I undoubtedly wanted to support individuals in some capacity. After shadowing a few SLPs I saw undoubtedly how much counseling was involved across settings.

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