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Get Kids Moving Using Technology

In today’s world, it can be difficult to get our kids moving and exercising! Here are some of my favorite resources to get kids moving while using what they love, technology. We all know the mental and physical health benefits of exercise.

 Targeting skills for these resources below:

  • It strengthens body senses (visual, tactile, vestibular & proprioceptive senses)
  • Improves motor planning
  • Strengthens the core.
  • Improves dynamic and static balance
  • Eye hand coordination.
  • Increases endurance
  • Promotes integration of primitive reflexes
  • Following directions
  • Visual scanning and navigating environment (scavenger hunt)

Go Noodle
Go noodle is a fan favorite. Participation in go noodle can be used in your living room or even at a desk.  This resource uses a variety of short videos that include gross motor movements which help increase attention and motivates kids to keep moving and be mindful. It has a variety of themes to keep kids interested! A few of my favorites are: popping bubbles, snap along with the Addams family, and frozen II make your move. ( insert picture)

Brain Breaks
Brain breaks during work have shown to be beneficial not only for kids, but for adults. These breaks reduce stress and frustration and increase attention and productivity. Take a brain break before fatigue, distractions, and lack of focus sets in. Brain breaks also help kids learn how to regulate and figure out when they are getting frustrated with the task at hand. Search brain breaks on youtube and multiple videos with different themes pop up. A few of my favorites are: brain break: would you rather – energizer game 1 and animal dance and freeze.

Dice Movement Games
Using a die (physical or virtual) your child can roll the dice and find the movement that was chosen. This is my favorite dice game to incorporate in the clinic as well as teletherapy. The child can even make their own dice movement game and use a virtual dice to see where it chooses.

Dice Movement Games

Movement Escape Rooms with Kerri Cota

This is a client favorite when treating teletherapy! Kerry Cota has been my go-to resource for escape rooms. She has a variety of themed escape rooms ranging from superheroes to zoo rescue. Kerry has a few free movement escape rooms for your child to try. This fun interactive activity, has the child choose between two movements per slide and it brings the child on a journey to the end goal such as finding all the zoo animals at the zoo or rescuing a cat from a tree. A few favorites of mine: super movers, find rex, and ot zoo ( can be found on  ( insert picture)

Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Have your child find items from a list of words or pictures, such as “found something that is round or find something blue”.  There are many virtual scavenger hunts for kids online. Incorporate animal walks to increase proprioceptive input! I found home and classroom scavenger hunts on teachers pay teachers. ( can be found on

Here is a sample of a KidSense favorite:

Dice Movement Games

Super Stretch 
A fun, interactive yoga app for kids! This app uses storytelling, animation, and visual demonstrations to help children learn how to move and stretch their bodies. This app helps learn deep breathing techniques and uses animated or real kids demonstrate poses.

Cute little siblings fun time

The following resources can be found on YouTube, App store, or Teachers pay Teachers. 


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